10 tips on advertising your grants

Understanding your organisation and your audience, networking, story-telling and long-term planning are all important aspects of a strong advertising strategy.

  1. Be very clear about your organisation's identity. What motivates you? What drives you? What are your values?
  2. Know your audience. The stories you tell about your grants need to be relevant to them.
  3. Use every opportunity, and use it well. Consider every possible outlet for your message, every stakeholder who would offer you space in a newsletter.
  4. Take your story to your audience. People want to hear about what they want to hear about at a time that suits them and in a place that suits them.
  5. Get others involved. Grantees and other stakeholders may be more enthusiastic than you expect about getting involved in the campaign.
  6. Be part of your grant recipients' landscape. They may well be happy to advertise your brand.
  7. Make it easy for partners to communicate your message. Have signage, brochures etc at your fingertips to provide to anyone who is happy to advertise your grants.
  8. Think long term. Long-term partners are usually trusted partners.
  9. Take it seriously. Consider the risk involved in aligning your brand with another organisation.
  10. Celebrate your relationships and bring others into the mix. Introduce people you know to each other - doing so might have very productive results.